Game trumps money

Going out with J. We are at a rooftop party, the crowd is mostly money men, 35-40 years plus. In front of the building parks a motherf☆in Lamborghini.

And the women at this party? Hardly any present. Almost no girls below 30 years.

40+ year old hags, gold digger, career women with fake smiles.

Think about the effort, genius, psychopathy required to make that kind of money that buys a Lamborghini.

All of that – just to be able to mingle with and have shot at 40+ year old hags.

Meanwhile I, Joe average, am dating 22 year olds. I’m not saying I sleep with them, not yet anyway. But the possibility is there.

Money is freedom. But without having game and understanding the hustle you’ll pay a premium on everything, especially women.


I’m sick of the city center

At least for the weekends.

Problems on the weekends:

  • Not enough targets/ solo sets
  • Too many people selling stuff- you get associated/ confused with that.
  • Girls are busy.
  • Too crowded
  • All kinds of annoyances: stag dos, demonstrations, etc. etc.

1st date with I. – analysis

We didn’t really click and the conversation didn’t really flow.

Still there was attraction and a better seducer might have at least gotten the kiss.

Main problem was the location (heaven and earth beach club) – ok for the 1st location in a three/ two venue date structure, but not good for escalating and getting the kiss.

Lessons learned

  • Try dates with something to do, not just the two of you sitting and talking. This will help for dates where the conversation is not flowing very well.
  • Instea of h&e use just the park deck as venue two. Bring along some wine and you have a romantic date location

Boring date with NoWhatsapp-girl

Date didn’t go anywhere. I could see that at the beginning, likely because of the direct street approach and because I phoned her and turned her SMS date refusal around, that she viewed me in a different light.

But at some point in the date I could tell she switched off, crossed her arms and her answers were out of pure politeness.

I have a feeling it was after I told her about the hemline theory. Maybe she thought I really made it up and it’s bullshit.

In hindsight I should’ve called her out on her closed body language. It would’ve at least shown some social savy.

Consequently she rejected my proposal to go to another venue.

Other misttakes:

  • Picking a boring venue. She knew it already and it’s really basic. But I was assuming I can wow her with venue II.
  • Not checking if my venue 2 is actually open. This ultimately didn’t come into play, because the date ended in venue 1, but it’s noob mistake to make anyway.
  • Going hungry into the date. I was starving and it was fucking with my vibe, plus I had to eat some expensive, garbage food to get rid of the hunger.
  • Not sticking with my handkiss move at the beginning. I was thrown off by her going for the hug. Handshake and kiss would’ve been better. Or maybe I should’ve picked her up during the hug.
  • I didn’t really do any spikes. I did some weird semi spikes/ teases, but they maybe didn’t come off the right way and didn’t have the same impact.
  • I didn’t really do Juggler escalation and found stuff to point out & justify my interest in her.
  • I don’t really have any DHV stories. Only cool thing I talked about were Miama and sailing (last thing I just name dropped, but she didn’t jump on it, Floria I mostly gave her the logical man answer to her “where have you been” question)

Stuff to try out for future dates:

  • If it’s in the evening, especially a weekday: skip venue I. Or to be precise: skip the comfort venue, go straight to the more intimate venue.
  • Maybe I try to hard to avoid comfort chit chat. May come off weird and not every chick gets my humor. Looking at C. & F. they do the usual comfort interview questions thing. I didn’t really speak about hobbies, travels etc. with her. Not sure if I also tease too much.
  • In this context: generally calm down, let her talk, be more serious.
  • Need to be more judging. Research/ find out how to come off/ be more the buyer on the date.

On the positive side, it was a small victory that I was savy enough to know that her initial date rejection wasn’t the last word. Was definitely the right and bold thing to call her shortly after her SMS.

General thought: maybe I don’t pick em right. There is an inherent selection bias with sarging only in the city center.

I think tomorrow I will text her regarding post date analysis.