Stats 2022


14.08: 2nd date with Julia 🐿️

08.08: 1st date with Julia 🐿️

05.08: 12x, 0x#. Why did I kiss ass when I guessed the age of Melina? Should’ve said my estimate straightaway . Also should’ve not give her my number, will be the last time i did this

02.08: 1x

July: 49x, 5x#, 2xIG, 1x date

31.07: 3x, 1x# (iranian maryam). Hätte bei meinem Standard Text bleiben sollen und so anfangen sollen: “Hey, iranian Minnie Mouse, Tyler here, how did the rest of your Sunday go…”

30.07: 6x, all blowouts except the last one. Im starting to realize that having low energy is my primary sticking point. I’m always hungry, thirsty and most of the time tired

25.07: 5x. I need more volume, I inly start to become less nervous after 2-3 approaches

24.07: 1x, 1xIG (Katalin columbian girl)

22.07: 4x, 1x# (Julia Eichhörnchen)

21.07: 1x

20.07: 3x. I need to DHV more in set

19.97: 1x

17.07: 1x, 1x# ( Yullia)

16.97:3x, 1x# (susie)

15.07: 5x

10.07: 2x



07.07: 1x, 1x# (asian chick in lunch break)

03.07: date Rebecca

02.07 2x

01.07 1x, 1xIG rebecca wisconsin farm girl


30.06: 2x shit approaches, too robotic, too low energy (was tired af though)

24.06: 9x, 1x#, 1IG im getting more relaxed in set, still doing shit frontstops and low yield approaches, like a girl at a traffic light

21.06: 7x, too nervous, shit frontstop, too nice, too low energy, lame conversation. But no negative reactions at all

11.06: 6x, 1xIG. Less nervous in set, no point in writing the franziska chick, should’ve told her: you can write me

06.05: 4x, way too nervous and boring in set.

May: 17x, 1xIG

14.05: 2x

15.05: 2x

21.05: 1x Glam Hiking girl. No sex. tension, too many questions, didnt dhv and tell about myself

28.05: german gianni nanni. Nightgame: 3x

30.05: 6x, 1x IG (Andrea Volleyball)

31.05: 2x

Standard teases to fall back on, when I can´t think of anything

From Tom Torero, How to flirt with girls


  • Wenn sie hübsches/ Cutie-Gesicht, aber sexy body mit Tattoos etc. hat: Du bist so´n bißchen Engelchen und Teufelchen in einem: süßes Gesicht, aber dein Style sieht eher ein bißchen nach “danger” aus.
  • Du bist echt süß, wie ein Eichörnchen/ Streifenhörnchen
  • Du hast schöne lange Beine, wie ein (sexy) Flamingo
  • Ich liebe es, wie groß Du bist, wie eine elegante Giraffe
  • Mit deinen bunten Haare/ Kleidungsstück x siehst Du aus, wie ein entflohener Papagei

General spikes

Lessons learned from texting with Sara & Kim + overall texting problems

If a chick is not adding you to their contacts/ you are not seeing her profile pic, she’s not interested, even if she texts back.

And it’s a slight dig at me, puts me in a lower position, if she doesnt add me to her contacts, but I did.

I should’ve called Sara out on it and should’ve nexted her in case of a stupid answer.

Generally my texting sucks. The neediness is obvious from my texting.

Also im thinking, if i should remove all smilies and jokes from my convos and play it strictly serious.

Mystery Method Attraction Switches

  1. Leader of men and the women would follow.
  2. Protector of loved ones. Basically this means having a protector status. You can make your women feel safe. Being taller and stronger actually has this effect.
  3. Preselected by other women. If women sees you with other women. She would think, well if all these other women likes him, she might as well like him too.
  4. The ability to emote. This is the ability to switch vibes and show emotions. To connect with her. It isn’t enough to be strong, but you need to have a tender side too. Women in general thinks emotionally. If you can connect this way, create emotional impact, you would do much better with women. If you can’t even create attraction, or connect with women. Or seduce them, you would have very hard chances to get with them. Unless you are really preselected, strong, tall and good looking.
  5. Risk taker. Someone who takes risk is attractive.

One of my biggest mistakes: sending mixed signals

Example case: G.

I thought she flaked because I invited her to come to my district, but listening to her message again it may be genuine that she cant make it.

But now I have sent her a message that we can also meet for a short time, if she can make it, thus negating the lover frame I’ve set earlier.

Stupid and an spurr of the moment error. Should’ve waited with my response.

Lesson to take away: I always need to think of the frame Im setting.

And I always need to think: what would Chad do. Chad would not have made the proposal to meet for a short time. Abd Chad would not have replied straightaway.

False mindsets: “i don’t want to play games”

I need to stop with the “i dont play games”-mindset.

Often when chicks text me back late, I’ll respond fairly quick, because im thinking: “I dont play games”.

Its bullshit though and makes me seem weak in the eyes of the chick. Rather than instilling the fear that she lost me in her, Im relieving that fear quickly.

Ideally I would have so much going on, so much abundance, that I really don’t have time to text her back soon.

But until then I should absolutely play games and make her wait*.

*assuming that her text was not a date request or a hint that i should request the date.

Stats 2021: 159x approaches, 37× #, 3× IG, 5× instant date, 1x first date

02.10: 2×

22.09: 3×

18.09: 3×

16.09: 3×, 2×# (Helene Goldschmied, Laura Pipi Langstrumpf)

04.09: 2×, 2×# (Alex, Anna)

02.09: 3×

31.08: 1×, 1×# (Corinna)

Back in Hamburg##########


18.07.: 1x, 1# (Manuela)

15.07: 3× 2# (Italien Julia, Blerta)
11.07: 1, 1×# (caroline sculptor)
10.07: 6, 1×# (fanny)
09.07: 2×
08.06: 5×, 2 ×# (pauline, sarah), 1× idate sarah
06.07: 2×, 1× #
04.07: 2×

03.07: 5×, 3×# (fiona, liza, eva)
01.07: 1× stern russian
29.06: 2×
28.06: 1×
27.06: 2×
26.06: 10×, 1×# (Anna Georgia)
25.06: 2×, 1x idate (Annabelle)
24.06: 1×
23.06: 2x, 1x IG (Ksenija)
21.06: 4×

20.06.: 2x (pink haired girl + Moroccan tattoo cutie in laundromat)
17.06: 9x, 2x # (Vivi, Michelle)
16.06: 1x
15.06: 1, 1# (Viviene)
14.06: 2x, 1x (siberian katia)

13.06: 1x , 1x (Pauline)
12.06: 1x

11.06: 1x, 1x# (carys)

10.06: 2x (mittagspause girl, “i dont have time”-blowout)

09.06: 1x (Hotpants Aldi Girl)

08.06: 1x, 1x# (Inken)

07.06: 1x (shit Front stop)

06.06: 2x, 1x # (Alyssa)

05.06: 4×, 2×# (Antonia, Nele)


29.05: 1×

07.05: 2× Note to self: need to be ready to stack after the opener. Im always expecting my work to be done after delivering it and if it isn’t im stuck and i dont know what to do next and often have to let the girl go.

04.05: 1×

30.4 & 01.05 (belgrade): 11x, 4x# (Midheta, Tamara, Marina)

20.04: 3×, 1×# (Gina) The set with Gina was good, should’ve seeded the date and roughly discuss times.

17.04: 5×, 1×# (Kim)

14.04: 1× iranien looking girl with boyfriend

10.04.: 3×, 1×# (Line)

20.02: 1×, 1× Instant Date (Alina)

19.02: 3×

13.02: 2×

09.02: 3× (still need to work on the fundamentals)

03.02: 1×

29.01: 3× (I need to work on my fundamentals, speaking loud & clear & slow, strong eye contact, no vocal uptick. Also get a better opener, damnit.

1st date with Carina.

Last week: 3x 1×# (Ulrike)

20.01: 1× (school law girl, ihab)

19.01: 1x (instant blowout)

16.01: 2×

14.01: 4× (why am I sarging with guys, which are not good for my vibe)

12.01.: 1x

09.01: 2×

05.01: 3×, 2×# (Karina, Felicia)

02.01: 4×, 1×# (Helen)