O targets, where are thou?

To be updated: details of florida girl and analysis of missing targets.

Saturday 01.12.

After leaving multiple options (IOIs from types of girls who don’t even acknowledge me with their asses in Germany) on the table and not doing even one approach in Dublin, I have 1,25 days left to not break the streak/ my already modest goal of doing multiple approaches each week.


    1. Florida concert girl: to be detailed later

Sunday 02.12.

    1. Russian squirrel girl exiting U3 at Landungsbrücken: she liked me, but “I have a husband”
    2. Russian goth at Mönckeberg Straße: “my husband is waiting”
    3. English, slightly russian looking girl marching up Mönckeberg street: weak front-stop, didn’t even get out my opener. She probably thought I wanted to sell her something (which is true in a way). Result: “I have to hurry, have a nice day”:
      Should’ve said: “Ok, but one more thing before you go…”. Or make it much more masculine a la Krauser: “Stop, stop, stop…” – needs to be delivered playfully though.

Saturday 15.12

    1. Armenian ballet dancer in Hamburger Meile: polite rejection, zero attraction on her part. Recorded the approach –>
      Analysis: voice uptick at the end of multiple sentences, filler words: “…oder so”, undercutting my own statements/ assumptions with “aber” as in “dachte Du hast gerade dein Tatu gekauft…aber…”.
      Can be improved.
      Listening in into the conversation, she gave me a brief moment to say what I have to say and replied to the russian assumption. So there was a brief window to deliver some attraction material, maybe a tease.

Missed a clear IO from a good-looking tall girl, because of approach-anxiety and the spotlight effect



  1. Waiting too long to approach, because I’m trying to think of an assumption I can make about the girl. But with the cold weather and the girl’s plain way of dressing in this weather, there is not much to start with.