Update: I’m too nice

8 approaches (93 in total now), 1x number, but seems like a flake (no Whatsapp? Quite unlikely).


My opening and the initial stacking and vibing is strong, but I think I overdo it a little.

I feel like I come across as too nice, too happy to be there.

Need to calm it down a little, actually smile a little less and be a bit more judgemental, let her qualify a bit.

Let’s see what happens with that number, if it is a flake, I take it as a confirmation of my analysis.

Quite stupid btw, should’ve asked/ confirmed, if she has Whatsapp.

PS: flake number girl and danish Christina were hot though and pretty young. Which is why Daygame is king, Tinder sucks.


Note about Nightgame

It’s not for me.

Goals for the next time will just be to have fun, be social, flirt a little bit and take a number at best. Pulling is out of the question.

Every hour I spend in a smokey, loud club would be much better spent, with much higher ROI on the streets.

Stats update

85 approaches, 2more numbers, but flakes.

Analysis: need to remember Juggler in set: there need’s to be reason why you are taking the number. Find something she says and escalate on it/ compliment her on it.

Also C.’s advice regarding texting: date request is not casual enough. I make it seems like it is a special thing. This is partly because of my humor and me just being creative and having fun in spinning a yarn, but it’s probably not coming well across text.

More minimalism in you text: look at your old texts, openers were very simple.

Stats update and analysis

79 approaches since December.

My text game sucks, here’s why:

  • Too much investment on my side compared to her’s
  • Too nice and needy
  • Date requests only for the weekend
  • Forgot the other points…

Lesson: need to game like I just want sex, cut out the boyfriend vibes. Or to be more precise: my natural niceness will take care of the boyfriend vibes anyway.